Animal Sciences

Donate to the Equine Program

We rely on community and alumni support as we strive for financial independence. Your donations to the University of Missouri Equine Program are tax-deductible (please consult your financial advisor for details).

Ways to Contribute

Supplies & Equipment

We appreciate donations of usable tack, farm equipment and supplies in good condition.

Monetary Donations

Gifts of any size are vital for program support. Unrestricted gifts support various program needs, while designated gifts can fund specific projects, such as facility updates, faculty support and student scholarships.

Equine Donations

Donate horses to provide students with hands-on learning experiences. We accept equine donations in the following categories.

  • Broodmares and Stallions: Our program currently raises Quarter Horses, so any horses donated for breeding must be able to breed to Quarter Horses for registration. Registered and high-quality breeding stock preferred. Stallions are accepted selectively. All horses must have excellent ground manners. We place an emphasis on conformation and marketability of offspring (pedigree and performance record). While our intention is not to sell these horses immediately, most of our breeding stock are either sold (if we feel we can find a good home for them through our auction) or adopted to an approved home (many times students who have made a connection with a particular animal) once they reach the end of their breeding career. If desired, the donor can request in their donation letter to have a first buy back option.
  • Donations for MU Online Horse Auction: Any breed is welcome in our training class. Typically aged 1-12 years, they must be sound for riding/work at least five days a week. Our goal is to place horses in long-term homes through our auction, providing income directly to the equine program. All horses undergo a veterinary examination within seven days of arrival. We don’t start accepting horses for our Behavior & Training class until May.
  • If you are interested in donating to our program, you will be asked to fill out a donation application so we can gain more information on your horse. We also ask for copies of registration papers (if applicable) and conformational photographs. We require videos on horses located more than a two-hour drive from Columbia, Mo., that show the horse walking, trotting, cantering and turning both directions.
  • To inquire about donations, please contact Marci J. Crosby, 573-884-7836,