Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences


The Division of Food, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences (FNES) at the University of Missouri is one of six divisions in the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR). Our team of nationally recognized experts is dedicated to promoting health and wellness. We achieve this by creating new food products, enhancing nutrition, educating the public on food safety, and advancing effective lifestyle interventions. FNES incorporates three programs: Dietetics, using the science of nutrition to assist people of all backgrounds and ages to optimize health; Food Science, creating delicious and functional foods and developing packaging that protects food from pathogens; and Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (NEP), looking at the many influences of nutrition and physical activity on human health, performance and disease. NEP is also a department in the School of Medicine, bridging the two colleges.  Our focus is to enhance the quality of life through our teaching, research and outreach. Join us on our mission to improve human health.


Undergraduate Studies

With a bachelor’s degree from the Division of Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, you will have the skills needed to succeed in a variety of careers in health, corporate, government and non-profit areas.

Graduate Studies

Our graduate programs are nationally and internationally known in several research areas. We offer outstanding education and experience that will help you achieve your career goals.

Minors and Certificates

A minor or certificate enhances your resume, making you a more well-rounded and competitive candidate in the job market or graduate school applications.





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Research expertise in the Division of Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences includes:

  • Exercise Physiology & Metabolism
  • Food Microbiology & Safety
  • Food Processing
  • Human Nutrition
  • Precision Health
Research Research Volunteers
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Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences News & Accolades

Secley Kennedy Honored with Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award

CAFNR Colleagues gather to celebrate Secley Kennedy. President Mun Choi and staff advisory council members present award to Secley Kennedy during Staff Recognition Week. This spring, Staff Advisory Council and CAFNR colleagues gathered in Buck's Ice Cream Place to surprise Secley Kennedy with the news that she had received the 2024 Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award…