Research Areas

Here at the College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (CAFNR) at the University of Missouri, we’ve accomplished a lot over the past 150+ years, but we’re always looking to solve what’s next on our Drive to Distinction. CAFNR’s research enterprise encompasses the biggest industries in Missouri: agriculture, an $88 billion industry, and tourism, a $17 billion industry. See why our research makes an impact across the state, within the nation and globally.

CAFNR Research Enterprise: Food Production

At CAFNR, we are all connected. With a research enterprise than spans disciplines, we are a community of experts who can tackle complex problems such as drought and food production. See how our research helps people gain access to high quality food.

CAFNR Research Enterprise: From Bench to Barnyard

The CAFNR research enterprise goes from bench to barnyard – from very basic to applied research – that helps farmers and ranchers. We have solutions that improve animal and human health. See our impact on every facet of life from the food we eat to women’s fertility.

CAFNR Research Enterprise: A Healthier Environment

Complex problems require a team that works together to solve them. The CAFNR research enterprise has this collaboration. See how our innovations contribute to a healthier environment – and healthier people.

CAFNR Research Enterprise: Locally Rooted and Globally Relevant

With acreage and facilities across the state, we can take research from the lab to the field and study a variety of environments. See how local experts tailor their research to find new strategies for Missouri growers, producers and farmers.

CAFNR Research Enterprise: Research Facilities

CAFNR – and Mizzou – research facilities are state of the art so our research faculty and staff, as well as our graduate students, have the resources to answer the toughest questions of today and the future. See how our scientific exploration impacts the health and well-being of society.