CAFNR is changing the core components of society that impact what we eat, where we live and how we’ll face tomorrow. Our innovative research spans the globe, blending traditional and high-tech agricultural science, food and natural resource policy, and directly impacts our future, from animal and human health breakthroughs, to sustainable agriculture techniques to food safety.

In line with CAFNR’s strategic plan, the College has designated seven existing programs as Programs of Distinction.

Leading the Way

The college is ranked among the top 15 programs in the world for animal and plant science research. The College is part of the North Central Research Association — a group of forward-thinking colleges leading the way in agriculture bioscience research.

CAFNR is a perennial campus leader in sponsored program expenditures, with more than $42 million in FY 2019.

State-Wide Studies

The Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station (MOAES) extends CAFNR research to almost 14,000 acres across the state to meet regional research and demonstration needs of agricultural producers and natural resource managers. Learn more about our system of Research, Extension and Education Centers across the state.

To promote how diverse the projects at the Research Centers are, and to highlight the strengths of each Center, the college spearheaded the creation of a magazine, titled, “Road to Discovery.” Read the issues online.

Outstanding Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduates in the College are involved in research projects that would be the envy of graduate programs at other institutions. Interested students work with a faculty member to develop and submit their research plans to the College and the Office of Undergraduate Research. Because CAFNR embraces so many diverse disciplines, students wishing to pursue research as undergraduates are limited only by their imagination and ingenuity. Learn more about undergraduate research internship opportunities.

Graduate Research

From bioinformatics and genomics to biochemistry and natural resources, graduate students throughout the College develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a career in research, industry, extension or academia. Some graduate students pursue research projects at one of the Agricultural Research Centers across the state. Many graduate students receive funding support for their research. Visit Graduate Student Research Funding for details.

Research Expenditures by Sponsor Type for CAFNR Fiscal Year 2019:
$42 million

Federal 57% Industry 6% Non-Profit 10% Other 2% State 10% University 15%

CAFNR Dissertation Research Improvement Grants

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Office of Research is pleased to offer the CAFNR Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (C-DRIG) of up to $2,000 to support or partially support dissertation research projects proposed by doctoral students in the College. Eligible students will have completed their coursework and have advanced to candidacy or will advance to candidacy within six months of the C-DRIG awards.