Drive to Distinction: CAFNR Strategic Plan

On the Drive: Biennial Report 2021

Executive Summary

This report, “On the Drive: Biennial Report for the CAFNR Strategic Plan: Drive to Distinction,” shows the progress made over the first two of the six years of the strategic plan for the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri.

  • Biennial Report for the CAFNR Strategic Plan: Drive to Distinction 2021 (Read Online or Download PDF)

Goals and activities all line up under six strategic priority areas:

  • Ensuring Student Success,
  • Advancing Research & Innovation,
  • Empowering Missourians,
  • Showcasing our Leadership,
  • Cultivating a Diverse & Inclusive Community,
  • Championing Global Citizenship & Engagement.

In addition, we champion our Programs of Distinction, which set us apart in terms of internationally recognized research, education and Extension, and pursue Grand Ideas to help solve big societal problems.

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Drive to Distinction: CAFNR Strategic Plan 2019-2025

Executive Summary

Fast-changing environmental, economic, technological and sociological forces, including food needs, climate change, agriculture advancements and health demands for humans, animals and plants will transform our future. These changes will shape our research, student training and community connections. Missouri is fortunate to have strong agriculture, natural resource, financial and healthcare industries as allied partners to provide CAFNR, as part of Missouri’s land-grant university, an opportunity to affect the lives of every citizen by providing unbiased, relevant and accessible education, information and resources.