College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources


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Animal Sciences

Integrates molecular and cellular biology, immunology, genomics and computational biology into the traditional fields of reproduction, nutrition, physiology and genetics.

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Applied Social Sciences

Engages those who lead and work in the food and agriculture system, hospitality sector and communities, and empowers decision-making in management, policy, education and economic development arenas.

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Partners with the School of Medicine to investigate plants, molecular medicine, structural and chemical biology, enzymology, nutrition, metabolism, receptors and gene expression.

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Food, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences

Advances the science and engineering of food, and develops novel technologies for health, nutrition and physical activity.

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Plant Science & Technology

Advances basic and applied science in agronomic and horticultural crop systems through crop management and physiology, plant genomics, and plant-microbe and plant-insect interactions.

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School of Natural Resources

Studies areas of agroforestry, water quality, conservation biology, watershed management, climate, and management of forests, tourism, fisheries and wildlife.