Bachelor of Science

Food Science and Nutrition


From creating functional foods that support your health and also taste good, to developing packaging that protects food from pathogens, food scientists work to ensure the foods that fill your shopping cart are safe, nutritious and delicious.

Classes You Might Take

  • Elements of Food Microbiology
  • Food Chemistry and Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Food Product Development

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Why CAFNR for Food Science and Nutrition

Learning laboratories are plentiful, as students work on a variety of projects, including ones related to wine, chocolate, ice cream and BBQ sauce. Food science and nutrition students also get an in-depth education about all things ice cream through the on-campus ice cream shop, Buck’s, home of Mizzou’s signature Tiger Stripe ice cream.

Tiger Stripe ice cream in a styrofoam container

Career Possibilities

Product Marketing
Flavor/Color Science
Food Safety Inspection
Global Food Trends Research

Internships & Employment

Aurora Organic Dairy • Beyond Meat • Independent Stave Company • Simmons Foods • Cargill • General Mills • Hormel Foods • Beck Flavors • Les Bourgeois Vineyards • Schreiber Foods

Signature Experience

Study Abroad

One of the many unique experiences available for food science students is to study abroad in Greece or Germany and Austria to learn about their food systems. This signature experience will provide you with invaluable experience that will serve you well after graduation.

Study Abroad
Student in front of an ancient fountain in Germany

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Admissions and Application

You can declare Food Science and Nutrition as your major at any point during your career at MU without a separate application.

  • Current students: Declare or change your major.
  • New students: Apply to MU and choose Food Science and Nutrition as your major.

Cost and Financial Aid

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