Website Options

Domain Names

When there is an appropriate need the university allows free, custom subdomain names. Please contact your local IT pro if you are interested in a unique domain name. (ex.

If you are interested in using university funds to register a domain name that does not include you should make requests through the university (after login select “Service Catalog” and search the catalog for “request a new domain”). Using a domain registry service outside of the university using your purchasing card could result in personal liability for this charge.

Web Hosting

CAFNR website content, including faculty contact pages, maintained by CAFNR Marketing and Communications

Each division has a method for requesting updates to content maintained by CAFNR Marketing and Communications. To request changes to division content or to a faculty contact page please contact Genevieve Howard, web & social media strategist, or your division point person.

Free, self-managed faculty sites

  • The university now offers free WordPress hosting for faculty websites. Please visit Digital Service for details and to request a site. Custom website addresses are an option for a small monthly fee.

External Preferred Web Vendors

The university has a number of preferred vendors who are available to hire for website development and support services. If you opt out of using a preferred vendor, you will need to contact procurement to begin the normal RFP process. More information can be found on the Supply Chain website.