There are a number of common IT help documents available via the Search Help feature on the DoIT service portal.

Q: Can I change my email address?

A: Yes, Faculty, staff and students can now personalize their email addresses. You cannot change your username/ssoID but you can change the address individuals send to. After submitting this change it may take up to one hour before the personalized email address goes into effect.

  1. Login to AIMS:
  2. Select the “Self Service” link from the menu
  3. Select the “Personalize Email” link
  4. Select an email address  from the pre-populated list and select “Submit”

Q: How do I install Cisco Anyconnect VPN?

A: Look for Cisco Anyconnect as an application in “Software Center” on your university computer and select the install button.

A: Go to, select “*Employee” for the Group and log in with your MU username and password. (this site requires two factor authentication.) This will take you to the “Download & Install” page.

Download and install the software. Additional instructions, including screen shots, can be viewed by selecting the “Instructions” link in the bottom right corner of the Download & Install page.

To log in for the first time be sure the address under “Ready to Connect” is set to You can simply type it in if it does not auto-populate then press connect.

You will then be prompted to log in again. VPN always requires two factor authentication.

Q: What is the TigerWifi – guest password?

A: Contact your local IT pro for the password. Guest WiFi use should be limited, you will need to provide the use case when making this request.

Q: Why can’t I access a central IT resource I use everyday? (the Internet, Peoplesoft, shared drives, MyZou…)

A: System wide outages occur for various reasons. Maintenance, unexpected hardware or software problems, etc. The fastest resource for finding answers and updates on these issues is through the IT system status website. If you do not see the problem you are experiencing listed you should report it to your local IT pro or the MU help desk at 573-882-5000. If the problem is network related you may need to use your cell phone.

Q: How do I setup my cell phone for university email and wifi?

A: You can “Search Help” on the DoIT service portal for instructions. Try the following search terms for the best results:  “TigerWiFi”, “email android” or “email iOS”. You may need to scroll a bit to find the exact match, but the instructions are there. If you cannot get this set up, please call the MU helpdesk for assistance, 573-882-5000.

NOTE: In order for faculty/staff email to work on a cellular phone a passcode, pin, facial recognition or other screen lock mechanism must be enabled.

Q: How do I use this software?

A: The university has many training options for the software supported by the university. These resources may be helpful.