Research Awards

Distinguished Research Award: Faculty in the rank of associate professors and full professors with more than 12 years of research experience in a faculty role (combined at MU or elsewhere).

Outstanding Mid-Career Research Award: Faculty in the rank of associate professors and full professors with six to 12 years of research experience in a faculty role (combined at MU or elsewhere).

Early Investigator Research Award: Faculty with less than six years of research experience at the college level in a faculty role (combined at MU or elsewhere) and demonstrating a trajectory towards national recognition.

Awards are based on the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated excellence in research performance through research funding, scholarly publications, scholarly presentations and graduate student mentoring.
  2. A career trajectory toward national (for early investigator research award) or international recognition (for outstanding mid-career and distinguished research awards) through individual research or contributions to research team efforts.
  3. Individuals who have previously received the award or a distinguished campus award (e.g., Provost Junior Faculty Research and Creative Award) are not eligible.

Nominations & Submissions

Annual Deadline: March 1

Submit nominations in a single PDF attachment via email to Rhonda Turner, Name the file as: Year_Research_LastFirstName (e.g., 2024_Research_TigerTruman). In the email subject line indicate Early Investigator Research Nomination or Outstanding Mid-career Award or Distinguished Research Award

  • Unsuccessful nominations may be updated and resubmitted in successive years.
  • Use 12 pt. font, 1” margins, and single space within paragraphs.

Nomination packets must include:

  1. Nomination/Cover Letter that describes, using nontechnical language, the nominee’s outstanding contributions in research, demonstrated evidence of achievements, contributions and/or activities that qualify them for recognition as an outstanding early career investigator or mid-career or distinguished researcher (limited to one page).
  2. A summary of the research achievements of the nominee and their potential to be a disciplinary national (early investigator) and international leader (mid-career and distinguished researcher). Include the qualities of the nominee’s program that characterize excellence and impact as well as other contributions and achievements (limited to two pages).
  3. Supporting letters (limited to three) from external and internal colleagues and collaborators (each letter is limited to one page).
  4. Biography and/or curriculum vitae (limit to two pages).
  5. News releases or other pertinent materials may be included.

Please contact CAFNR’s Office of Research at 573-882-7488 with any questions.

Recipients of the Research Awards

2024 Jay Thelen
2023 Bing Yang
2022 Wesley Warren
2020 Felix Fritschi
2019 Scott Peck
2018 Thomas Spencer
2017 Melissa Mitchum
2016 Thomas Guilfoyle
2015 Steven Van Doren
2014 Walter Gassmann
2013 Shuqun Zhang
2012 Gary Weisman
2009 Peter Sutovsky
2008 Jerry Taylor
2007 Gary Stacey
2006 Tony Prato
2005 Monty Kerley
2004 Edward H. Coe, Jr.
2003 Michael Smith
2002 Judy Wall
2001 Duane Keisler
1999 Matt Lucy
1999 Jack Jones
1998 Bruce McClure
1998 Allen Garverick
1997 Sandy Rikoon
1997 Billy Day
1996 Randy Prather
1996 Jerry Nelson
1995 Michael Roberts
1995 Robert Sharp

2024 Soyon Park
2023 Jeff Wood
2022 Michelle Segovia
2020 Jared Decker
2019 Ben Knapp
2018 Hua Qin
2015 David Mendoza Cozatl
2014 Gavin Conant
2013 Deborah Finke
2012 Felix Fritschi
2011 Bob Schnabel
2010 Keith Goyne