Bing Yang Receives Distinguished Research Award as Part of 2023 CAFNR Celebration of Excellence

Yang is a professor of plant science and technology.

Bing Yang

Bing Yang, professor of plant science and technology, received the Distinguished Research Award at the Celebration of Excellence held April 11, due to his groundbreaking contributions in crop genome engineering and plant pathology.  

Yang has cloned and characterized a rice disease resistance gene used by breeders to protect rice plants from a devastating bacterial pathogen. Additionally, his research program focuses on developing and applying genome editing technologies for gene/trait discovery and for engineering improved traits, such as disease resistance in crop plants. 

Yang’s research has been published in top-tier journals, including Nature Genetics and Nature Biotechnology. He has mentored 21 individuals in the past six years, has given 66 invited presentations, and is an editor for multiple major journals.  

“His pioneering research, his generous sharing of techniques and tools his lab developed, his collaborative and inquisitive nature, his gifted mentoring and training he provides and his being a terrific colleague and person, motivate me to nominate Bing for this prestigious award,” said David Braun, professor of plant science and technology and director of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group. “He is most deserving and will bring honor to the title.” 

“Bing is a remarkable and creative scientist, and a leader in the field,” said Blake Meyers, professor of plant science and technology.“ He is an outstanding faculty member with a superb research track record, a wonderful personality, and a real leader in multiple fields.” 

“From my humble perspective, Dr. Yang is one of most influential and pioneering scientists I have met,” said Wolf B. Frommer, Alexander Von Humboldt Professor at Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf.