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Anna Hartke and Mark Wendell grew up in different parts of Illinois and both arrived at Mizzou as animal sciences majors in 2016. They had a couple of courses together during their freshmen year, but they first struck up a conversation during a Swine Club meeting as sophomores. Those conversations led to a relationship, which continued as the couple earned their degrees in 2020 and transitioned to MU’s College of Veterinary Medicine to pursue their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degrees. Hartke and Wendell are now engaged, with their wedding set for June, just three weeks after they will earn their DVM degrees. Photo courtesy of Anna Hartke and Mark Wendell.

Growing together

Hired in 2019, Verónica Negrón-Pérez has spent the past three-plus years as an assistant researcher and principal investigator at one of the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez’s agricultural experiment stations (Tropical Animal Reproduction Investigation Center) – this one located in Gurabo, on the eastern side of Puerto Rico. It has been a perfect opportunity at the same university where she earned her undergraduate degree. Photo courtesy of Verónica Negrón-Pérez.

Meeting Her Goals