CAFNR Senior Spotlight – Q&A with Sky Walton

Walton is a senior graduating in May with a degree in animal sciences.

A student poses with a cow.

Q: Why did you choose to come to the University of Missouri?

A:  I chose Mizzou because of the hands-on experiences that CAFNR advertises. Almost every course in animal sciences offers some type of hands-on learning experience which is great, because I had no animal experience prior to college.  

Q: Why did you choose to pursue a degree in animal sciences?

A:  I chose to pursue an animal sciences degree because growing up I always wanted my own farm, and I had such a strong passion for animals that I knew this was the right path for me. 

Q: Did you partake in any research, study abroad, or internship opportunities? What did you enjoy about those experiences?

A: I studied abroad in Australia in the summer of 2022. I enjoyed learning about the different cultures and experiences. My favorite part was the food, of course.

Q: What is a favorite memory you have during your time in CAFNR?

A: My favorite memory in CAFNR is studying abroad. I was able to see agriculture from a new perspective while simultaneously make lifelong connections. 

Q: How did your degree program prepare you for the future?

A: The animal sciences faculty does an amazing job preparing students for the next steps after graduation. There is always a person that has an answer to any situations. The courses within the degree program do an outstanding job educating me for the future so that I am prepared to face any circumstances. 

Q: What are your future plans?

A: I am heading to graduate school in the fall to pursue a master’s degree in biomedical sciences with an emphasis in veterinary medicine and surgery.