Faculty Development for Promotion and Tenure

Session A (annually) Year 1 – Fall: NEW TT and NTT faculty

Presented by the division (Division Director, Faculty Mentors, and Division P&T Committee Chair)

Session B (annually) Year 2 – Spring: TT faculty (one year prior to mid-probation review), and Tenured faculty and NTT faculty planning to seek promotion in a year.

Presented by Associate Deans and P&T Committee Chair

  • Discuss the importance and preparation detail of candidate’s mid-probation and final case packet.
  • Review CAFNR’s Promotion & Tenure Guidelines for Tenured, Tenure Track, and Non-Tenure Track Faculty.
  • Examine Provost’s P&T call information, including case packet requirements and formatting specifications.
  • Examine the research, teaching, and extension data requirements.
  • Discuss the need to review grant data accuracy with Division Director.
  • Discuss the importance of external evaluations.
  • Explain the RPT system (only for final case packet). Note that the RPT system does not pull data directly from myVITA.
  • Invite: Faculty mentors, division directors, division P&T committee chairs.

Year 3 – Spring: TT faculty

  • Mid-probation case packet submitted and reviewed.

Session C (annually) Year 4 – Fall: TT faculty (as needed or requested)

Individual faculty consultations with Associate Deans (may include the Division Director

  • Discuss feedback from the mid-probation (3-yr) review and recommended adjustments to strengthen the case for promotion and tenure.
  • Review preparation of candidate’s final case packet and the RPT system.
  • Review submission timeline.

Year 5

  • Candidate for Promotion & Tenure prepares final case packet.