Peer Review of Teaching for Promotion and Tenure

At least two, but no more than four, peer reviews of teaching representing different semesters and different courses should be included in a promotion and tenure case packet (refer to the Office of the Provost annual Promotion and Tenure call).

Organizational Meeting (pre-semester)

The faculty member and the peer reviewer* should meet to discuss procedures and identify course materials to be examined as part of the review. Course materials, including a syllabus and other materials, should be provided prior to this meeting.

*Two peer reviewers are recommended, but not required, to form a peer review committee.

Material Review (2nd week and throughout the semester)

Reviewer should examine course materials, CANVAS course site, previous student and course evaluations, teaching portfolio, and early feedback results.

Early Feedback Evaluation (3rd week of the semester)

Faculty member should conduct an Early Feedback Evaluation in the course being reviewed.

Classroom Observation (5th or 6th week and 10th or 11th week of the semester)

Reviewer should observe at least two class or laboratory sessions. See Peer Review Observation Record for recommendations.

Student Focus Group Interview (12th through 15th week of the semester)

Reviewer should select (randomly if possible) at least five current and/or former students to participate in a focus group interview; see Student Interview Questions to guide the process.

Post-Observation Reflection (By the end of the semester)

Peer reviewer should draft an “official letter” that summarizes the review taking into considering the following sources of information: faculty member’s input, course materials, class/laboratory observations, and student focus group interviews.

Post-Observation Discussion (By the end of the semester)

Peer reviewer should meet with the faculty member to discuss observations and the draft “official letter” of the peer review process and observations. Copies of the final “official letter” should be sent on official university letterhead to the faculty member and division director.

Faculty Member Prepares an Instructional Improvement Plan

Faculty member should prepare a plan that addresses strategies to improve instructional performance.