Harley Naumann

Associate Teaching Professor

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phone 573-882-9896

place 116 Waters Hall

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Amber Neely

Business Admin Manager II

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phone 573-882-1381

place S108 Animal Sciences Research Center

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Chi Hun Park

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Amanda Patterson headshot

Amanda L. Patterson

Assistant Professor of Reproductive Biology

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phone 573-882-4311

place 163 Animal Sciences Research Center

Amy Petry

Amy Petry

Assistant Professor of Monogastric Nutrition

email Email

phone 817-550-7562

place 110B Animal Science Research Center

Randall Prather

Randall Prather

Curators' Distinguished Professor

email Email

phone 573-882-6414

place E125D Animal Science Research Center

Rocio Rivera

Rocío Melissa Rivera

Professor of Reproductive Physiology and Epigenetics

email Email

phone 573-882-6765

place S139 Animal Science Research Center


Timothy Safranski

State Swine Breeding Extension Specialist &
Education Director, Ext. Animal Health & Production

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phone 573-884-7994

place S133A Animal Science Research Center

white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair wearing a cream colored jacket

Melissa Samuel

Senior Research Specialist

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phone 573-882-3580

place S142B Animal Sciences Research Center


Robert Schnabel

Associate Professor

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phone 573-884-4106

place 162B Animal Science Research Center

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Rebekah Schnell

Executive Assistant

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phone 573-882-7327

place S133 Animal Sciences Research Center

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Teagan Schnurbusch

Assistant Extension Professor

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white woman with shoulder-length red hair, wearing a pink top

Susan Schommer

Research Scientist

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phone 573-882-4241

place E125E Animal Sciences Research Center


Marcia Shannon


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phone 573-882-7859

place S133D Animal Science Research Center

Spain, James-Headshot150x224

James Spain

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies & ELearning

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phone 573-882-6452

place 116A Animal Science Research Center

white woman with long reddish-brown hair, wearing a gray shirt and a chain necklace

Anna Spate

Senior Research Specialist

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phone 573-882-0912

place 159 Animal Sciences Research Center

white man with short brown hair and glasses wearing a light coral button up shirt

Lee Spate

Manager Research Activities

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phone 573-882-4752

place S143A Animal Sciences Research Center

A light-skinned man with grey hair smiles. He is wearing a blue button-up shirt with a gold tie, and is against a grey background.

Thomas Spencer

Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

email Email

phone 573-882-3467

place NextGen Precision Health, 1080 Hitt Street, Room 3007


Peter Sutovsky


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phone 573-882-3329

place S141A Animal Science Research Center

white woman with shoulder-length light brown hair wearing a bright blue shirt

Miriam Sutovsky

Senior Research Specialist

email Email

phone 573-884-1549

place S141B Animal Sciences Research Center