Diversity & Inclusion

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive community is a guiding pillar in our strategic plan (2019). We seek to establish a culture of acceptance and inclusivity by providing a welcoming, open-minded and vibrant environment with pathways to success for all. This commitment to diversity and inclusion will be realized by recruiting students, faculty, staff and partners from diverse backgrounds, who work and learn together in a scholarly environment.


  • Goal 1: Establish a culture of acceptance and inclusivity among everyone in the CAFNR community.
  • Goal 2: Recruit and retain a diverse and inclusive student body.
  • Goal 3: Cultivate a more diverse faculty, staff and administration.


Faculty Fellow for Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity

The Faculty Fellow for Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity develops and implements strategies to help CAFNR become a more compassionate, diverse, inclusive and equitable community for all students, faculty and staff across the college.

Samniqueka Halsey was named the first Faculty Fellow for Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity in 2020.

Mizzou’s Value Commitment

We value the uniqueness of every individual and strive to ensure each person’s success. Contributions from individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives promote intellectual pluralism and enable us to achieve the excellence that we seek in learning, research and engagement. This commitment makes our university a better place to work, learn and innovate.


  • Inclusivity and Diversity Committee
  • Inclusivity and Diversity Committee Charge
  • School of Natural Resources Inclusivity and Diversity Committee

Scholarships and Grants

  • George Washington Carver Matching Assistantships support underrepresented scholars into MS and PhD degree programs in CAFNR.
  • NIFA Higher Education National Needs PhD Fellowships in Forest Resources support three students who are members of racial or ethnic groups that are underrepresented in forest resources.

CAFNR-Sponsored Organizations

  • With support from the MU Vice Provost for International Programs, CAFNR and the College of Education and Human Development, the MU Cambio Center leads research and outreach on Latinos and changing communities. Visit Cambio Center to learn more.
  • With an academic and fiscal home in CAFNR International Programs, the MU African Interdisciplinary Studies Hub promotes interdisciplinary, collaborative research and teaching that contributes to a better understanding of Africa at Mizzou. Visit Africa Hub for more information.

CAFNR Student Programs, Clubs and Orgs

CAFNR and its academic units support underrepresented minority students through a variety of programs and groups, as well as dedicated funding.

The mission of MANRRS is to promote academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. To learn more about Mizzou’s chapter of MANRRS, contact Charles Nilon, nilonc@missouri.edu.

CAFNR Connections is an opportunity for students of color in CAFNR to gather informally, engage in conversation and share their voice. For more information on CAFNR Connections, contact Addison Byrne, byrneak@missouri.edu.

The peer-mentoring program, COMPASS (CAFNR’s Opportunity for Minorities: Promoting and Achieving Student Success), promotes academic success, persistence, and successful graduation of participating students. The program matches incoming historically underrepresented freshmen and transfer students with returning students who will serve as their mentors for an 8-week formal program to help students meet their educational goals. For more information on COMPASS, contact Samniqueka Halsey at samniquekahalsey@missouri.edu

The International Engagement Program for Graduate Students connects international graduate students with their peers. For more information on the International Engagement Program, contact Kerry Clark, clarkk@missouri.edu.

The Minorities in Sport Business Network aims to influence diversity, representation and inclusivity throughout the sports industry at the University of Missouri.

CAFNR assists student clubs and organizations that foster the ideals of Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Compassion (IDEC) by providing financial support for professional development programs, educational programs and/or promotional events, leadership development programs, honorariums and travel for speakers/educators, travel to conferences and activities consistent with the mission of a registered Mizzou student organization. Visit the Clubs and Orgs page for details.

Communications and Marketing

The Office of Communications and Marketing conducts an internal audit of communications materials every two years to ensure inclusivity and diversity. They apply 13 content and 3 process questions to social media, the website, newsletters, student recruitment pieces and news articles. After making notes, they discuss their findings and develop action items as a team. The VC and dean, and Faculty Fellow for Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity approve the action items.

A standing section in the the monthly internal newsletter for faculty and staff, Inside CAFNR, highlights diversity and inclusion initiatives happening throughout the college.

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