CAFNR Inclusion Cultivator Award

This award was established in 2023 by the CAFNR Inclusivity and Diversity Committee to honor those who create and nurture healthy communities and cultural diversity within CAFNR. The recipient helps to cultivate a welcoming, open-minded and vibrant environment to facilitate pathways to success for all.

This commitment to diversity and inclusion can be realized in many ways such as a commitment to

  1. Recruitment and retention of students, faculty staff from diverse backgrounds and perspectives,
  2. Establishing an environment that recognizes and encourages the diversity,
  3. Promoting and fostering of diversity programs such as mentoring, support networks, internship programs, diversity training and
  4. Developing accountability/tracking methods to quantify efforts to increase and maintain representation.

Nominations & Submissions

Annual Deadline: March 1

Submit nominations in a single PDF attachment via email to Samniqueka Halsey at Name the file as: Year_InclusionAward_LastFirstName (e.g., 2023_InclusionAward_TigerTruman). In the email subject line indicate Inclusion Cultivator Award Nomination.

  • Use 12 pt. font, 1” margins, and single space within paragraphs.
  • No longer than 4 full pages in length.

Eligibility requirements for the Inclusion Cultivator Award are as follows.

You must be:

  • affiliated with CAFNR
  • may NOT be on the CAFNR Inclusivity and Diversity Committee

Nomination packets must include:

  1. Nomination/Cover Letter that describes how the nominee is an Inclusion Cultivator, examples of specific characteristics that qualify this person for the award, and contributions that the nominee has made toward diversity, inclusion, equity and compassion (limited to one page).
  2. Supporting letters (limited to three) from students and/or colleagues (each letter is limited to one page).

Please contact Samniqueka Halsey,, with any questions.