New Student Welcome

Welcome to the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR)!  We look forward to meeting you.

Before Your Advising Appointment

  • Complete the Pre-Advising Module on Canvas.
  • Complete the Pre-Advising Questionnaire on MU Connect. This information will help us learn a little bit more about you, so we can support you during your first semester.
    • On the questionnaire, make a short list of courses you are planning to transfer, including AP and IB credits AND those courses you are currently enrolled in that haven’t posted yet.
  • Complete the Math Placement exam on Canvas. This placement exam lets your advisor know what class you are prepared for.
  • Know your University of Missouri username (pawprint) and password. Be prepared to log into myZou, MU Connect and other university programs. If you don’t know it, please contact Tiger Tech.
  • Foreign language is not required for any CAFNR degree program, but if you would like to take a Foreign Language course your first semester, please take the foreign language placement assessment on Canvas.

Advising Appointment Scheduling

  • You will receive an email once your advising appointment is scheduled thru MU Connect. We will schedule this appointment for you this time. Your appointment information will be sent to your University of Missouri email from MU Connect. After accepting the appointment, you can find it on your Outlook calendar and MU Connect.
  • The advisor you meet with is an expert in your chosen major. If you are changing your major, let us know immediately so we can schedule you with the appropriate advisor.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Virtual (Zoom) Appointments

  • Please download and setup your Zoom account before your appointment.
  • When your advisor helps you with class registration, you will be asked to share your myZou screen on Zoom. Check your Zoom settings ahead of time to make sure screensharing is enabled on your computer.
  • Cell phones are not ideal for your appointment. Please use a tablet or laptop if possible.
  • Contact the CAFNR Academic Programs Office if you cannot access the link for your advising appointment or are running late.

In-Person (On-Campus) Appointments

  • Bring a laptop or tablet with you if possible.
  • If you are running late to your appointment, notify CAFNR Academic Programs at 573-882-8301 so we can update the advisor.

Connect with CAFNR Academic Programs

Questions? Want to change your major to one of CAFNR’s degrees? Feel free to reach us through email anytime or by calling our office.

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