Graduate Student Spotlight: Q&A with Angelica Crosby

Crosby is pursuing an M.S. in Plant, Insect and Microbial Sciences.

A light-skinned woman with light brown hair in a low ponytail wearing a tan button-up shirt and blue jeans crouches in a field of peanut plants

What is your research focus? 

I will be studying nutrient management in cotton grown in a peanut-cotton rotation.

Why does this field interest you? 

Peanuts are still relatively new to the state, but we are seeing a lot of our cotton producers take interest and including them in their field rotations already. We know that peanuts as a leguminous crop host nitrogen-fixing bacteria and it is important for our growers to know how that could be affecting their cotton production in terms of fertilizer application.

Why did you decide to come to Mizzou? 

I have actually worked for the MU Fisher-Delta REEC in Portageville for a few years. I simply fell in love with extension and the work we do here so when the opportunity came for me to pursue a degree through Mizzou, I couldn’t pass it up.

What are your future career plans? 

I plan on continuing at the Delta Center doing what I love and serving the growers of Southeast Missouri.

Who is your advisor? 

Dr. Justin Calhoun!