Fielding Questions

Forage Systems Research Center Field Day focused on beef cattle and forages

University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ researchers, MU Extension experts, and business owners answered numerous questions throughout the morning during the Forage Systems Research Center (FSRC) Field Day.

The event, which took place Tuesday, Sept. 10, featured presentations on beef cattle and forages, as well as weather, industrial hemp and beekeeping.

“It’s always great to see our local farmers and producers interact with our faculty, researchers and experts,” FSRC Superintendent David Davis said. “Our Field Day is a great opportunity to share updates related to the many projects at our Center, as well as talk about other timely and important agriculture topics.”

A walking tour took attendees throughout FSRC, with four different stops. Pat Guinan, an associate Extension professor of climatology, discussed the Missouri Mesonet and its continuous weather observations. Tim Reinbott, assistant director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, shared updates on industrial hemp, and Bo Young, a climate activation specialist with The Climate Corporation, presented on precision agriculture. Bill and Tammy George, with Crooked Hill Beekeeping, share tips related to the basics of beekeeping.

“Our walking tour featured a little bit of everything, including some popular agriculture issues that have been in the news,” Davis said. “There was a lot of great information shared throughout the tour.”

The two wagon tours showcased several topics, mainly focused on beef cattle and forages. Jordan Thomas, assistant Extension professor in the Division of Animal Sciences, talked about new opportunities in reproductive management of beef cattle. Eric Bailey, assistant professor in the Division of Animal Sciences, discussed seed-head management for beef cattle performance. Allison Meyer, an assistant professor in the Division of Animal Sciences, and Brian Shoemake, DVM, MS, DACVIM, an assistant teaching professor in food animal medicine, both presented, too. Meyer shared information on pregnant cow nutrition to improve calf productivity. Shoemake talked about vaccines.

Harley Naumann and Rich Crowe were also part of the wagon tours. Naumann, an assistant professor in the Division of Plant Sciences, presented on inter-seeding crabgrass and sunn hemp into fescue pastures. Crowe, with the Missouri Department of Conservation, returned as a speaker, this time to talk about pollinator plots.

“The focus at FSRC is related to beef cattle and forages, so it was great to welcome so many experienced speakers on those subjects,” Davis said. “We had a lot of good questions that they were able to answer.”

FSRC welcomed five county high schools to its Field Day as well – Bucklin, Linn County, Meadville, Marceline and Brookfield. A free lunch was served to all in attendance, and featured a talk by CAFNR Vice Chancellor and Dean Christopher Daubert.

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