CAFNR students and mentors earn Show Me Research Week awards

Over 500 MU students and postdoctoral fellows presented their research and creative activity during Show Me Research Week, April 8-12. The week celebrates Mizzou students as creators, innovators, problem solvers and thinkers.

The following students and faculty were recognized for their work during the Award and Recognition Ceremony held at the Bond Life Sciences Center.

Advanced Light Microscopy Core Image Contest

The Advanced Light Microscopy Core announced its annual light microscopy image contest winners. Images taken on any core instrument in the last two years were eligible for the contest.

  • People’s Choice Award: Donielle Brottlund (senior, plant sciences), Felix Fritschi’s Lab
  • Expert’s Choice Award: Lydia Phillips (junior, plant sciences), Soyon Park’s Lab
  • Best Technically Challenging Image: Varun Dwivedi (post-doctoral fellow, agriculture biochemistry), Craig Schenck’s Lab

Forum Presentation Awards

For the 2024 Symposium, 398 presenters were selected to have their presentations critiqued.

Behavioral and Social Sciences


  • First Place: Ahmed Ebada (junior, biochemistry), “Air Pollution, Asthma, and Educational Outcomes: a Reflection of Systemic Racism in St. Louis”/Mentor: Ahmed Balboula


Third Place: Jacob Moore (graduate, natural resources), “Rooted Stream Plants Modify Subsurface Nitrogen in an Urban Watershed”/Mentor: Alba Argerich



  • First Place: William Andel (senior, biochemistry), “Jammed Agar Microgels as a Transparent Soil Surrogate for Plant Studies”/Mentor: Christopher O’Bryan

Life Sciences


  •  Third Place: Gabrielle Rupp (post-doctoral fellow, Bond Life Sciences Center), “Local PTI Stimulation Induces Rapid, Systemic Changes in the Plasma Membrane Proteome Throughout the Plant”/Mentor: Scott Peck

Physical and Mathematical Sciences


  • Third Place: Eric Fritschi (senior, biochemistry), “Role of VESICULAR TRAFFICKING5 (VES5) Protein in Iron Accumulation and Photosynthetic Compounds in Arabidopsis Thaliana”/Mentor: Antje Heese


  • First Place: Olivia Bongiovi (graduate, natural resources), “Examining the Dynamics of Stream Dissolved Organic Matter Across Land-Use”/Mentor: Alba Argerich
Undergraduate Mentor of the Year

Any regular MU faculty member, postdoctoral fellow, graduate student or research staff whose undergraduate mentee presented their research at the 2024 Symposium or at the Visual Art and Design Showcase is eligible for consideration.

2024 Nominee

  • Associate Professor Antje Heese, Biochemistry

To see the full list of awardees, visit Show Me Mizzou.