2024 CAFNR Joy of Discovery Seed Grant Program Winners Announced

The third batch of proposals funded by CAFNR’s Joy of Discovery Seed Grant Program has been announced. The Joy of Discovery Seed Grant Program supports nascent, collaborative, multi transdisciplinary research with the goal of developing a competitive proposal for federal funding. The following proposals were selected (listed by the PI, Co-PI/s and title of the project):

  • Mandy Bish (Plant Science and Technology); Characterization of Soil Microbial Communities Across Ecoregions as a Step Towards
    Improving Soil Health Indicators
  • Gary Stacey (Plant Science and Technology), collaborator from Yeshiva University; Development of Novel Calcium Sensors
  • Chung-Ho Lin (School of Natural Resources), Isa Kupke (School of Natural Resources), collaborator from Elderberry Wisdom Farm, Collaborator from University of Pretoria; Creating Revenue Streams for Missouri Farmers and Native American Entrepreneurs through the Development of Personal Care Products from Native American Elderberry Species
  • Hong Jo Lee (Animal Sciences); Develop a Robust Transgene Expression System in Chickens using CRISPR-Mediated Housekeeping Gene Tagging
  • Azlin Mustapha (Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences), Soheila Abachi-Hokmabadinazhad (Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences); Precision Probiotic Fermentation of Asian Carp for Generation of Functional and Health Beneficial Postbiotics
  • Adrienne Ohler (Applied Social Sciences), Michael Sykuta (Applied Social Sciences); Examining the Cost of Compliance with Supply Chain Cybersecurity Regulations in the U.S. Electricity Industry and the Benefits of the North American Transmissions Forum’s Compliance Model
  • Steven Van Doren (Biochemistry), Adam L. Yokom (Biochemistry); A Braking Mechanism at Initiation of Oil Synthesis by a New Winter Cover Crop
  • Gary Weisman (Biochemistry), Kimberly Jasmer (Biochemistry), Dmitri Kireev (College of Arts and Science); Identification and Validation of Novel P2Y2 Nucleotide Receptor (P2Y2R) Modulators through Computational Drug Design and Monitoring Their Effects on Intracellular P2Y2R Signaling
  • Noel Aloysius (School of Natural Resources); A Framework to Assess Food, Water and Environmental Security in Rapidly Expanding Economies in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Jacqueline Limberg (Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences), Jaume Padilla (Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences); Sex differences in Insulin-mediated Increases in Sympathetic Nervous System Activity, Peripheral Vasoconstriction and Impact of Obesity