Policy for Awarding Adjunct Professorial Titles

College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
University of Missouri-Columbia

Approved October 31, 2022

The policy described herein updates the April 19, 1989, College policy approved by the Policy
Committee and the Dean.

Adjunct instructor or professor status and title may be granted to individuals who are paid or
unpaid and perform teaching, research, or service to the university. Adjunct status is for the
duration of the service and ends when the service has expired (maximum of one year, with
reappointment based upon review and assessment of the service or benefit provided).

CRR 310.035 Non-Tenure Track Faculty

  1. Individuals who by request or invitation participate cooperatively in the teaching, research
    and/or Extension programs of CAFNR, may be recommended to the Vice Chancellor and
    Dean for an adjunct professional title. The recommendation is reviewed by a Division
    committee, the Division Director, and a College committee, with the final decision by the
    Vice Chancellor and Dean.
  2. The awarding of an adjunct professorial title does not obligate the Division or the College in any way, such as remuneration, tenure (or credit toward tenure should the adjunct faculty subsequently receive a regular appointment in the University). The adjunct professorial title is an official recognition that the individual is fully qualified to participate in the programs of the Division.
  3. Eligibility for an adjunct professorial title is based on the following criteria:
    1. Individuals recommended for the adjunct professorial title must be acceptable to and recognized by the faculty of the recommending Division as being qualified in the area of his/her participation in the Division’s programs. The same policies/procedures shall be followed by Divisions in the evaluation of candidates for an adjunct title as applies to the selection of candidates for a regular faculty position.
    2. While recognizing that an applicant may have a different work experience or career path than a typical academic career profile, the level of adjunct professorial title awarded (assistant, associate, or full professor) must be based on standards of professional excellence, professional stature, and scholarly productivity consistent with standards used in the College to award professorial title to regular faculty appointees.
  4. The recommendation of the Division in a letter of transmittal to the Vice Chancellor and Dean of the College will include a statement of the applicant’s expected role in the Division and why the title is necessary, an outline of the Division’s approval process, and the vote of the Division review committee. The VC and Dean will forward documents including the letter of transmittal for College review to the Adjunct Professorial Title Review Committee.
  5. The Adjunct Professorial Title Review Committee is appointed by the Vice Chancellor and Dean and consists of one ranked faculty member at the Associate Professor or Professor rank from each Division in the College (majority at the Professor rank). The VC and Dean appoints one committee member to serve as the chair. The VC and Dean forwards applications to the Committee for review and assessment. The Committee submits a letter of recommendation including the vote of the Committee to the VC and Dean.
  6. Each adjunct faculty member is expected to develop and maintain close working relationships with as many faculty in his/her Division as is feasible, particularly within the area of his/her specialization/expertise. Adjunct faculty are encouraged to participate in teaching courses and seminars, give guest lectures, and participate in the training of graduate students, whenever appropriate.
  7. When operating under the auspices of their Division or the College, adjunct faculty members shall enjoy the same principles of academic freedom and shall be bound by the same rules and regulations that apply/pertain to regular faculty in the Division/College.
  8. The extent of participation by adjunct faculty in the decision-making processes of the Division shall be determined by individual Divisions, according to the policies/procedures established in the document “Voting Faculty of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.”
  9. Adjunct faculty shall be appointed for a period of one year, renewable perfunctorily. However, their appointment shall be reviewed by the Division annually, and shall not be extended, or shall be withdrawn, whenever an individual no longer participates in the Division’s programs.
  10. Adjunct faculty shall have the right to submit credentials through normal channels in support of application to the University’s graduate faculty, doctoral faculty, and in support of candidacy for promotion to higher rank.
  11. These guidelines in no way affect or pertain to the awarding of the title “research associate” to individuals who are employed by non-University entities but who carry out their work within and with the cooperation of the University and its personnel/facilities.
  12. Division Directors shall submit a report to the Dean’s Office listing the current Adjunct Faculty members by February 1 each year.