Mid-Probationary Review Process for Tenure-Track Faculty Timeline

(Rev. 9/28/2023)

The Provost’s Call Letter is historically published annually in March. Please review the Call Letter carefully and refer to it
as you prepare/review the case packet.

Deadlines marked with * are established by the Dean’s Office or the Provost’s Office. 
Deadlines marked with + are coded in the RPT system. 
Dates in bold are suggested by the Dean’s Office; please check with division office to confirm division deadlines!

Tenure Track Faculty Development for Promotion & Tenure

*Session A (Fall, Year 1) By Division Director, Faculty Mentors, and Division P&T Committee Chair:

  • Review division workload policy and standards. Review division and CAFNR Promotion & Tenure Guidelines for Tenured, Tenure-Track and Non-Tenure Track Faculty. Introduce the P&T process and deadlines. Share MU Development Programs in research and teaching and Support for Teaching offered by the Office of the Provost. Share CAFNR Peer Review for Enhancement of Instruction (formative) and Peer Review of Teaching for Promotion & Teaching (summative) guidelines. Discuss the importance and accuracy of annual reports and evaluations using myVITA.

*Session B (Spring, Year 2) By Associate Deans and CAFNR P&T Committee Chair:

  • Discuss the importance and preparation detail of candidate’s mid-probation and final case packet and submission. Review CAFNR Promotion & Tenure Guidelines for Tenured, Tenure-Track, and Non-Tenure Track Faculty. Carefully read the Provost’s P&T Call Letter, including case packet requirements and formatting specifications, Examine the research, teaching, and extension data requirements, Discuss the need to review grant data accuracy with division director. Discuss the importance of external evaluations. Explain the RPT system (only for final case packet).

Case Packet Preparation

  • *June (Year 2) – March (Year 3): Year 2 tenure-track faculty refer to the Provost’s Call Letter and begin preparing materials for case packet submission (confer with faculty mentor and division director thru this process)

Notice of Review

  • January (Year 3): Dean’s Office notice sent to Division directors; confirmation requested for list of tenure-track faculty up for mid-probationary review (Year 3)

Submission of Case Packet

  • +Mar. 1: Candidate case packet due to Division Director’s office
  • Mar. 1-5: Division case manager review of case packet to verify packet is complete, formatted correctly, and ready to move forward
  • Ongoing: Updates to case packet after Mar. 1 should be submitted to the Division, which will transmit the update to the current level in the process, i.e., division committee, college committee or dean

Division Review (4 weeks)

  • +Mar. 1-5: Case packet provided to division P&T committee
  • +Mar. 15: Division P&T committee recommendation letter due to the division director
  • *+Apr. 2: Division director recommendation letter due to the Dean’s Office

CAFNR P&T Committee Review (6 weeks)

  • *Mar. 15- Apr. 1: CAFNR P&T Committee organizational meeting (assign case reviewers)
  • *Apr. 2- May 15: CAFNR P&T Committee reviews case packet and writes recommendation letter
  • *+May 15: CAFNR P&T Committee recommendation letter due to candidate, division director *+and Dean’s office

CAFNR Dean’s Review (4 weeks)

  • *May 15- Jun. 10: CAFNR Deans review case packets and draft recommendation letter
  • *+Jun. 15: CAFNR VC/Dean’s recommendation letter provided to candidate and division director