Scholarship and Awards Committee

Effective Date of Appointment: September 2023 – August 2024

Administrative Contact: Bryan Garton, Senior Associate Dean and Lena Johnson, Scholarship Coordinator

Charge and Responsibilities

  • Annually review CAFNR’s policies and procedures for awarding scholarships.
  • Review annual scholarship program data report and make adjustments to the entering freshmen (First-time College) and continuing student award criteria and scales.
  • Provide input to CAFNR’s Office of Advancement regarding the impact scholarships have on students and identify potential donors from respective degree area.
  • Participate in events to engage with scholarship recipients and/or donors (e.g., donor recognition dinner, ice cream social).
  • Serve on selection sub-committees that require review of specialized applications.
  • Assist with selecting scholarship recipients for degree program/divisional recommended scholarships.
  • Provide an annual data report, in cooperation with the Executive Assistant and Coordinator of Scholarships, summarizing activities and awards of the past academic year. Report should also include anticipated challenges and opportunities for the coming year.


  • Mary Ann Gowdy
  • Mengshi Lin
  • Pei Liu
  • Marcia Shannon
  • Sonja Wilhelm Stanis
  • Shari Freyermuth