Professional Track Faculty and Promotion Committee

Effective Date of Appointment: August 1

Administrative Contact: Senior Associate Dean Bryan Garton

Charge and Responsibilities

Committee Charge/Responsibilities:

  • Represent the interests of professional track faculty in CAFNR to the college administration, division directors, and the University.
  • Annually review the College’s Guidelines for Promotion of Full-time, Ranked, Non-Tenure Track Academic Positions to ensure consistency with University and College policies, standards, and guidelines.
  • Keep professional track faculty updated of developments at the college and university level pertaining to their interests.

Members (term ends)

Six members of the CAFNR Promotion and Tenure Committee and the following additional members:

  • Dan Smith, Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences (2025)
  • Dana Massengale, Natural Resources (2024)
  • Brian Mooney, Biochemistry (2024)
  • Andrew Thomas, Plant Science and Technology (2025)
  • Mauro Palmero, Applied Social Sciences (2024)
  • Chandra Boosani, Animal Sciences (2025)