Policy Committee


The CAFNR Faculty Policy Committee (see Article VI: Committees, A. College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Policy Committee in the bylaws), in accordance with the policies of the University of Missouri, establishes and maintains policies regarding faculty rights and academic governance, in furtherance of an academic environment of shared leadership dedicated to the acquisition and transfer of knowledge.

Policy Committee Members are selected from every program in CAFNR. They work to represent you in every decision the committee makes.

If you have questions or concerns you would like to have brought to the attention of the committee, please contact your policy committee representative.

Administrative Contact: Vice Chancellor and Dean Christopher R. Daubert

Policy Committee Members

John DriverAnimal SciencesYear 2 of Term 1
Jared DeckerAnimal SciencesYear 1 of Term 1
Rui YaoApplied Social SciencesYear 2 of Term 1
Mauro Palmero, ParliamentarianApplied Social SciencesYear 1 of Term 2
Bill FolkBiochemistryYear 1 of Term 1
Steven Van DorenBiochemistryYear 2 of Term 1
Vickie Vieira-Potter, ChairFood, Nutrition & Exercise SciencesYear 1 of Term 2
Bongkosh VardhanabhutiFood, Nutrition & Exercise SciencesYear 2 of Term 1
Jeffrey WoodNatural ResourcesYear 1 of Term 1
Shuangyu XuNatural ResourcesYear 2 of Term 1
Teng Lim, Vice ChairPlant Science & TechnologyYear 2 of Term 2
Kevin Bradley, SecretaryPlant Science & TechnologyYear 1 of Term 2

The CAFNR Policy Committee shall be composed of Faculty whose academic duties and obligations are primarily to the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Members shall be elected to two-year terms from each division of the College by a division-wide faculty vote. Each division will be represented by two faculty members, elected in alternating years so as to provide continuity. Elections shall be held prior to August 1 and the terms of membership will begin the first day of the fall semester. No representative shall serve more than two consecutive two-year terms. Meetings shall be held at least once a semester. In the event that a representative must be absent from a meeting, they may designate (by notifying the Chair) an alternate from their division to assume their role, including voting on motions.