International Education (Study Abroad) Committee

Effective Date of Appointment: September 2023 – August 2024

Administrative Contact: Shanon Dickerson, Director of Study Abroad and Bryan Garton, Senior Associate Dean

Charge and Responsibilities

  • Enhance the quality and expand the scope of international education opportunities for CAFNR students.
  • Evaluate existing study abroad programs and recommend continuance or elimination.
  • Identify geographical and academic areas for strategic growth of CAFNR’s portfolio of study abroad programs.
  • Review policies and procedures for establishing study abroad programs and the criteria for awarding course credit.
  • Develop and implement a student recruitment strategy for CAFNR study abroad programs.
  • Identify faculty to serve as study abroad ‘champions’ to promote CAFNR study abroad opportunities to students.
  • Review International Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources minor composition and requirements.
  • Provide an annual report, in cooperation with the Director of Study Abroad, summarizing activities and awards of the past academic year. Report should also include anticipated challenges and opportunities for the coming year.


  • Alba Argerich
  • Andrew Clark
  • Lesleighan Cravens
  • Ben Knapp
  • Sonja Wilhelm Stanis


  • Hanna Blackmore
  • Diego Branda
  • Riley Cole