Inclusivity and Diversity Committee

Effective Date of Appointment: September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022

Administrative Contact: Shari Freyermuth, Assistant Dean and Director of Student Services

Charge and Responsibilities

In CAFNR, we aspire for a more inclusive and welcoming community that appreciates our differences and celebrates diversity – a safe place where all feel comfortable expressing themselves and contributing ideas. We recognize that diverse experiences, preferences, backgrounds, and beliefs will generate broader solutions and thoughts as we work together to address the major challenges of the globe.

  • Determine specific needs of underrepresented CAFNR students and stakeholders.
  • Explore with campus organizations, programs, and departments to determine specific needs to improve inclusivity and promote a welcoming learning and social environment for CAFNR students.
  • Ascertain best practices to promote inclusivity and diversity in CAFNR; the committee will consider what others at MU are doing, and efforts at other universities, to best respond to the needs of our students, staff, and faculty.
  • Build a network of statewide partners for diversity; the committee will identify Missouri schools, organizations, businesses, and other groups representing diverse populations to serve as pipelines for future students, provide internship opportunities for current students, and research collaborators for faculty.
  • Develop a philosophy statement and working plan to guide CAFNR in its aspiration to become a more diverse and inclusive college.
  • Host town halls and other engagement events to learn and share findings and discuss the implementation of initiatives to foster inclusivity and promote diversity.


  • Samniqueka Halsey, Chair
  • Addison Byrne
  • Lincoln Marshall
  • Sarah Buckallew
  • Peter Cornish
  • Debbie Finke


  • Sadia Moumita
  • Marlon Guzman
  • Brandy Williams
  • Isaiah Massey
  • Mason Ward


  • Shari Freyermuth
  • Julie Scroggs
  • Jessica Orsini
  • Lindsey Saunders