Courses and Curricula Committee

Effective Date of Appointment: September 2023 – August 2024

Administrative Contact: Bryan Garton, Senior Associate Dean

Charge and Responsibilities

  • Review course, minor, certificate and degree program proposals and changes submitted by degree programs and divisions to verify that the proposal or change does not duplicate, without sufficient justification, a similar course, minor, certificate, or program already existing in the college.
  • Ensure that course proposal syllabi adhere to the standards and expectations outlined by the committee (see Components of a Course Syllabus).
  • Address curricula modifications resulting from changes to the University’s General Education program and course requirements.
  • Offer recommendations on degree program collaboration, specifically on common (core) knowledge and skills.
  • Review programs and curricula and offer suggestions for online learning opportunities.


  • Tony Lupo, Chair
  • Amanda Alexander
  • Andrew Clark
  • Debbie Finke
  • Shari Freyermuth
  • Charlie Nilon
  • Catherine Peterson
  • Kent Shannon
  • Trista Strauch
  • Matthew Sveum
  • John Tummons
  • Jennifer Wentz
  • Andrew Zumwalt


  • Lena Johnson
  • Laura Friedrich