Division of Applied Social Sciences Extension

Extension personnel within the Division of Applied Social Sciences work in the following Extension focus areas:  Agribusiness and Policy and Community Development.

Agribusiness and Policy

The Division’s Agribusiness and Policy emphasis area is under MU Extension’s Agriculture and Environment Extension program. The Agribusiness and Policy emphasis area activities of the Division of Applied Social Sciences focus on the development of research and programs emphasizing economic development through crop and livestock production, continuing through the food and agriculture marketing system, while balancing the consequences for Missouri’s natural resources and environment.  Our extension faculty are connected to the Division’s research to encourage outreach and engagement efforts with our regional specialists for the residents of the state.

Extension and Outreach Programs:

The Division also hosts the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) and Rural and Farm Finance Policy Analysis Center (RaFF).

Regional Economic Development

The Division’s Community Development emphasis is under MU Extension’s Business and Communities Extension program. Faculty provides research and support to economic and community development through efforts focused on increasing the viability of businesses, supporting the decision making of local government and facilitating the enhanced wellbeing of Missouri communities.

Extension Program: