So-Yon Park

A medium-skinned woman with medium-length black hair wears glasses and a grey blazer while standing in front of a green houseplant and smiling.


Assistant Professor

Division of Plant Science and Technology

Research at a glance

Area(s) of Expertise

Research Summary

During her career, Soyon Park has focused on investigating 1) Host-Parasitic plant interactions, 2) trafficking mobile molecules, and 3) Abiotic stress in crops.

Host-Parasitic plant interaction is a fascinating model to study Plant-Plant interaction. Park is interested in how mobile RNAs and proteins are exchanged, transferred, and functional in other organisms through the host-parasite interaction. Cuscuta (stem parasitic plant) and Phelipanche (root parasitic plant) growing on Arabidopsis, tomato, and soybean are major parasites used in Park lab. We are also interested in how small RNAs are transported and suppress target genes under drought stress in soybeans.

Educational Background

B.S., Dankook University, South Korea
Ph.D., Seoul National University, South Korea