Justin Chlapecka

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Assistant Research Professor

Division of Plant Science and Technology

State Extension Rice Specialist

MU Extension

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Research Summary

Chlapecka's MU Rice Agronomy Program is a completely field-based research program with an end goal of increasing producer profitability and sustainability. Overarching research objectives include increasing the viability of furrow-irrigated rice and determining the most effective practices for growing rice in Missouri.

Justin Chlapecka was raised just down the road in Northeast Arkansas. His doctoral research focused on irrigation and nutrient management of furrow-irrigated rice, more specifically nitrogen management. His research program focuses on general agronomic practices relevant to rice production in the Mid-South, including cultivar testing, nutrient management strategies, pest management, and cultural management such as planting date and crop rotation. Missouri rice is grown mainly under two contrasting production systems, flood-irrigated (conventional flood) and furrow-irrigated (row rice). Thus, his research program focuses on both systems, but with an emphasis on furrow-irrigated rice production due to it being a relatively new interest to most producers.

He is working toward decreasing the yield lag associated with transitioning to furrow-irrigated rice on certain soil types through a variety of factors including pest management and fertility programs, which need to be managed differently when rice is not flooded. Much of his work is in cooperation with neighboring rice producing states, such as Arkansas, as well as other MU researchers. He also serves as the State Rice Extension Specialist, where he gathers inspiration to implement relevant and practical research trials with an end goal of increasing rice producer profitability in the Missouri delta.

Educational background

  • Ph.D., Crop, Soil, & Environmental Science, University of Arkansas
  • M.S., Agriculture, Arkansas State University
  • B.S., Chemistry, Arkansas State University