Jasmine Neupane

Jasmine Neupane


Assistant Professor

Division of Plant Science and Technology

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Throughout her career, Jasmine Neupane has been interested in the field of digital agriculture, with a particular focus on integrating cutting-edge technologies into cropping systems. Her work, characterized by rigorous analysis and innovative methodologies, has yielded valuable insights into the transformative impact of data-based site-specific farm management on agricultural sustainability, production profitability, and environmental conservation.


Jasmine Neupane is an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Systems Technology in the Division of Plant Science and Technology. Her faculty appointment includes research and teaching responsibilities in Plant Science and Technology. Before starting her position at University of Missouri-Columbia, Neupane was serving as an Assistant Research Professor of Precision Agriculture at Montana State University.

Neupane’s research is at the forefront of agricultural innovation, focusing on seamless integration of advanced agricultural technologies into cropping systems. Her work is driven by a deep commitment to addressing the complex challenges facing modern agriculture, such as increasing food production to feed a growing population while minimizing environmental impact. Her research explores the application of digital agriculture technologies, including precision agriculture, sensor technologies, robotic machinery, IoT devices, and data analytics to different elements of crop production (planting, pest management, irrigation, harvest, etc.) with the goal of improving crop yield, resource efficiency, and soil health.

Neupane has mostly conducted on farm research as this approach allows her to identify and address challenges encountered within cropping system, ensuring practicality and relevance of her findings. She has collaborated extensively with multidisciplinary team of scientists, external stakeholders and farmers, translating her findings into on-the-ground solutions that benefit both producers and the environment.

Her teaching responsibilities include contributions to Certificate in Precision Agriculture Technology, Agricultural Systems Technology curriculum, and teaching courses emphasizing novel technologies in agriculture. As a researcher and an educator, Neupane strives to find and share innovative solutions that balance productivity with sustainability and is committed to fostering resilient agriculture systems in changing climatic conditions.

Educational background

  • Ph.D., Texas Tech University