Natural Resource Science and Management Accreditation

The Natural Resource Science and Management degree includes two emphasis areas that are accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF). The Forest Resources emphasis area is accredited under the SAF Forestry standard, and the Terrestrial Ecosystems emphasis area is accredited under the SAF Natural Resources and Ecosystem Management standard. These are the only SAF accredited programs in the state of Missouri.

When you earn a degree from an SAF-accredited program, you:

  • Verify that the quality of education you receive meets the standards of the profession.
  • Ease entry to the profession through licensure, registration, and certification.
  • Increase and enhance employment opportunities.

SAF accreditation is an important indicator of commitment to quality. SAF encourages prospective students to be wary of ‘diploma mills’ – educational institutions promoting forestry and natural resources-related programs that do not lead to a degree as defined by the U.S. Department of Education. Please note this Natural Resource Science Management Drive to Distinction/ensuring Student Success information (PDF).

We encourage Forestry Resources emphasis area students to join SAF as a student member, which provides tools for career development and membership in MOSAF, the Missouri state unit of the Society of American Foresters.