Bachelor of Science



Use your imagination, ingenuity and understanding of the basics of living processes to unlock life’s mysteries and improve the quality of life. Combine the tools of biology, chemistry and genetics to fight human disease, increase production and quality of food, and protect the environment.

Classes You Might Take

  •  General Genetics
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Macromolecular Structure and Function
  • Analytic Geometry and Calculus
  • Physical Chemistry of Biological Systems

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Biochemistry Honors

Students interested in graduating with departmental honors can sign up for the Biochemistry Honors Program. To be accepted, you must have earned 30 hours of credit and must have at least a 3.3 MU cumulative GPA. Transfer students must have completed at least 15 hours of credit through MU. You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher. If your GPA falls below 3.3, you will have two semesters to raise the GPA to a 3.3. You must apply at least one semester prior to completing your degree.

All students admitted to the Honors Program are required to complete an Honors Thesis to earn the privilege of graduating with departmental honors. This requires both a written thesis and an oral presentation of the thesis; it should be planned and approved by your Honors Advisory Committee (two faculty) and undergraduate advisor chair. For more information, contact the Director of Undergraduate Advising, Dr. Shari Freyermuth (

Why CAFNR for Biochemistry

Career Possibilities

Genetic Counselor
FBI Forensic Scientist

Employers & Internship Locations

Thermo Fischer Scientific • Eurofins/Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing • Aurora Organic Dairy • Pfizer • Avero Diagnostics • Scribe America • Abbott Laboratories

Signature Experience

Biochemistry Industry Tour

One of the many unique experiences available for biochemistry students is participating in an industry tour specific to the degree program. The Biochemistry Industry Tour involves visiting life sciences companies, laboratories and more!

Students touring Bayer

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You can declare Biochemistry as your major at any point during your career at MU without a separate application.

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