Strategic Plan

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Students of CAFNR,

Fast-changing environmental, economic, technological and sociological forces, including food needs, climate change, agriculture advancements and health demands for humans, animals and plants will transform our future. These changes will shape our research, student training and community connections. Missouri is fortunate to have strong agriculture, natural resource, financial and healthcare industries as allied partners to provide CAFNR, as part of Missouri’s land-grant university, an opportunity to affect the lives of every citizen by providing unbiased, relevant and accessible education, information and resources.

Strategic Priorities

As a college, we work in a coordinated way to meet these challenges. Our strategic plan is a roadmap for us to improve the health of our environment, food, economy and people. Imagining a healthy world is our unifying theme with six strategic priorities:

  • Ensuring Student Success
  • Advancing Research and Innovation
  • Empowering Missourians
  • Showcasing Leadership
  • Cultivating A Diverse and Inclusive Community
  • Championing Global Citizenship and Engagement

Programs of Distinction and Grand Ideas

CAFNR has existing areas of excellence now designated as Programs of Distinction. These programs will have preferred consideration for investment of resources, marketing, fundraising and communication services. Complementing the Programs of Distinction, CAFNR will pursue Grand Ideas. These initiatives will focus on solving big societal problems and will bring distinction to CAFNR.

A Bright, Bold Future

Our strategic planning process identified ways CAFNR contributes to building better communities, but also identified numerous issues to tackle. We designed a plan to make a difference by asking more from ourselves in enhancing student success, faculty research, diversity, and innovation through our Programs of Distinction and Grand Ideas.

I want to thank you for being a part of our strategic planning activities and invite you to continue to be involved in our process of evolving CAFNR because this plan benefits you: students, faculty, staff, alumni, industry partners, legislators and citizens. Only by working together can we shape the future that we all envision for CAFNR and Missouri. Please join me, as together we will drive CAFNR to distinction.

CAFNR Proud!


Christopher R. Daubert
Vice Chancellor & Dean
College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
University of Missouri