Strategic Plan

What's the big idea?

Update on the Process

The next phase in the development of CAFNR’s strategic plan is to refine the Strategic Priorities based on feedback gathered from the survey and workshops with college leaders in Phase II. The survey findings were presented during a full-day workshop with CAFNR leadership, and in addition to helping us refine the Strategic Priorities, the findings helped further define the unifying theme of the Strategic Plan.

In Phase III, each Strategic Priority will be assigned corresponding goals, activities and performance measures that will define clearly how each priority will be accomplished and tracked. These plan elements will be collaboratively developed by Strategic Priority Teams, led by Strategic Priority Champions.

Within the final version of the plan, the Strategic Priorities will be coupled with CAFNR’s Programs of Distinction (PoDs). PoDs are defined as existing programs where CAFNR already excels and is distinct. These PoDs will be identified through specific criteria established by Dean Daubert and CAFNR leadership.

As we move closer to the launch of the Strategic Plan, there will be numerous opportunities to get involved with the planning process and help build excitement for the plan. Please keep an eye out for these opportunities and events throughout the fall semester.