Strategic Plan

What's the big idea?

Update on the Process

Phase II of the strategic planning process consists of quantitative research (e.g., surveys). These surveys build on work done in Phase I and ask respondents to offer their opinion on their perceptions of CAFNR today and in the future, as well as react to a potential positioning statement and series of goals for CAFNR. These strategic goals address the themes of Leadership, Student Success, Faculty Scholarship, Faculty Teaching, Extension and Outreach, Strategic Imperatives, and a Diverse Community. Each of these elements was written in collaboration with members of CAFNR leadership and the Strategic Plan Guiding Coalition.

The surveys will be distributed in waves between April and June to a broad range of internal and external members of the CAFNR community including:
• Current Students
• Alumni
• Faculty and Staff
• CAFNR Stakeholders (Advisors and Partners, Non-Alumni Donors, Advisory Board Members, and Regional Agriculture Extension Specialists)

The feedback we receive from the surveys will help us to identify which themes resonate best with members of the CAFNR community and to refine the elements of the CAFNR strategic plan including the: values, positioning statement and strategic plan goals. Findings will also help to identify important communication channels relevant to each of the key audiences for use during the launch of the plan.

A presentation of the survey findings will be delivered sometime in July. Input from the presentations will then be used to develop action oriented and results-based strategies and metrics to accompany the goals in the first draft of the CAFNR strategic plan.