Tracey Mitchell Received Outstanding Staff Award as Part of 2023 Celebration of Excellence  

Mitchell is a CSM associate III.

photo of Tracey Mitchell. Man with a gray beard, wearing a brown button-up shirt

Tracey Mitchell, CSM associate III, Interdisciplinary Plant Group (IPG) and the Division of Plant Science and Technology (DPST), was honored with the Outstanding Staff Award during the 2023 Celebration of Excellence event, held Tuesday, April 11.   

Michell provides technical repair and support of MU’s plant growth facilities, including the East Campus Plant Growth Facility (ECPGF) and the Sears Greenhouse complex. He maintains the specialized equipment needed for continued research. 

David Braun, professor of plant science and technology and director of the IPG, says, “To put it simply, MU’s plant science community was exceedingly fortunate to be able to recruit Tracey. His qualifications and experience are matchless for the needs of this position. His expertise is absolutely invaluable to the research success of the MU plant community.” 

As an example of his invaluable assistance, Clinton Meinhardt, research specialist and coordinator of plant testing, soybean cyst nematode diagnostics, sent the following unsolicited appreciation of Tracey’s service: “I want to let you know that we greatly appreciate the terrific service that Tracey provided us when he repaired three of our heated/refrigerated circulation baths. His expertise and willingness to help really saved us. In one of the repairs, he replaced a burned-up motor, that according to the folks at Fisher was an “obsolete part with no replacement” with a submersible pump. This type of out-of-the-box thinking keeps us running. I’m very thankful Tracey is working for IPG/ECPGF. He is an asset to our programs and research.”

Mitchell’s colleagues continually notice his willingness to take on additional responsibilities and go the extra mile. David Braun and Bob Sharp, Curators’ Distinguished Professor, Division of Plant Science and Technology, say they have “unequivocally” given their highest recommendation of Michell.