Stacey Follis Honored With Past President Award from CAFNR Alumni Association

Stacey Follis has been honored with the 2021 Past President Award from the CAFNR Alumni Association. Follis graduated from Mizzou’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources with a BS in General Agriculture and a minor in Animal Science in 1998, and an MS in Animal Science-Reproductive Physiology in 2000. She is in veterinary medicine research and development for Zoetis.

While at Mizzou, Follis was involved in Ag Ambassadors, Student Council, Independent Aggies and Block and Bridle. Follis has served on the St. Francois County Extension Council and is president of the Parkland Area Tigers chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association.

“It is a pleasure to work with a team member who is always bringing new thoughts and ideas to the table, while still keeping in perspective the vision and mission of our CAFNR Alumni organization,” said Dustin Johansen, incoming president for the CAFNR Alumni Association. “Stacey led us through a challenging year as president and kept the board motivated and engaged to focus on the positive. Thank you Stacey for your great leadership of the CAFNR alumni organization.”

“Stacey has been a passionate, energetic and effective leader for the CAFNR Alumni Association,” said Loyd Wilson, fellow board member. “She has had a positive influence throughout her tenure on the board and as president has left the board in great shape for the future. I know she will continue to be an active member of the association for years to come. Great job Stacey!”

“Stacey LOVES Mizzou and you can tell from the minute you meet her!” said Emily Kueker, fellow board member. “She has served on the CAFNR Alumni Board with passion, love and enthusiasm for CAFNR and Mizzou. Stacey’s enthusiasm is contagious and no matter the event, she makes sure everyone has a fun time, all in the name of Mizzou!”

“Stacey is a True Tiger. She is rooting for the University at all times and provided exemplary leadership to the Mizzou CAFNR Alumni Board,” said Nancy Barcus, fellow board member. “I’ve appreciated her example for others to follow and find ways to move the Association forward.”