Sigma Alpha Received Outstanding Student Club Award as Part of 2023 Celebration of Excellence 

Sigma Alpha is Mizzou’s professional agricultural sorority.

Photo of the Sigma Alpha chapter. A large group of women pose for a photo, some wearing black dresses and some wearing white

Sigma Alpha, Mizzou’s professional agricultural sorority, was named Outstanding Student Organization at 2023 Celebration of Excellence awards ceremony, held Tuesday, April 11. 

 With four founding pillars – scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service – Sigma Alpha is focused on furthering the development of women pursuing careers in agriculture. The organization highlights each of those pillars in different ways. 

 For scholarship, Sigma Alpha hosts study hours each semester, where older chapter members offer help to younger members. Those peer-to-peer conversations strengthen an important educational focus area. Leadership is a vital Sigma Alpha pillar and one that members are encouraged to pursue as well. A recent example is this past year’s Homecoming festivities for which the group planned and coordinated a variety of activities.  

 For fellowship, along with standard events to learn more about the agricultural industry, members participate in numerous social events where lasting friendships are created. Sigma Alpha members take great pride in the service pillar. They participate in community service and philanthropic activities throughout the year, such as volunteering at food pantries, collecting clothes for the Ronald McDonald House and creating cards for those in nursing homes. They also volunteer at CAFNR Week activities. 

 “Sigma Alpha is dedicated to their goal of cultivating professional women in agriculture,” said Hailey Schepers, senior agribusiness management major and president of the organization. “However, our chapter also realizes the importance of giving back to those who support us. It is because of this support that we are able to continue to strive for excellence each year and pass the torch onto the members who follow us.”