Scott Peck Receives Mumford Award for Outstanding Faculty as Part of 2022 Celebration of Excellence

Scott Peck
Scott Peck

Scott Peck, professor of biochemistry and member of the Interdisciplinary Plant Group (IPG), received the 2022 Mumford Award for Outstanding Faculty during CAFNR’s Celebration of Excellence ceremony held April 19.

Peck’s research focuses on plants’ recognition and response to bacterial pathogens, as well as how plants adapt to grow under drought conditions. He was named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2018 and CAFNR Distinguished Researcher at the 2019 Celebration of Excellence.

“Over the past two years, the Biochemistry Department has engaged in a substantive revision of its undergraduate curriculum. Scott has been part of a small group of faculty who have been engaged with the process every step of the way. His investment in the undergraduate major is substantial,” says Peter Tipton, professor of biochemistry.

Peck has mentored numerous undergraduates, grad students and postdoctoral fellows in his lab over the years. He supports and promotes the successes of his lab members and students by actively engaging in their research efforts, and providing advice for their future careers.

“Although actively engaged in the day-to-day activities in the lab, Scott was never overbearing, nor did he demand results. Rather, he motivated me and others through his enthusiasm for research, as well as through his sincere interest in the success of each person and their project in the lab,” says Jeffrey Anderson, associate professor of botany and plant pathology at Oregon State University.

“In sum, Scott is a highly supportive mentor who promotes the success of lab members through active engagement and setting a high bar for excellence in research.”