Q&A with Patrick Davis

Patrick is a field specialist in livestock based in Cedar County.

A man wearing a black MU Extension tshirt and jeans poses for a photo in front of a gate

What do you do in your current role with the University of Missouri? 

I am an MU Extension Livestock Field Specialist. I provide education to livestock producers to help make their farming operations successful. This education is in the form of educational presentations to groups of farmers or individual education to livestock producers. I primarily work with beef cattle producers, but I will also answer questions related to swine and small ruminants. 

How long have you worked in this position? 

I’ve worked in this position since September of 2011, so about 11.5 years.  

What is your favorite part about the work you do? 

My favorite part of my job is working with people and helping them be successful in their livestock operations. I primarily do this through educational presentations, but in some programs I work with livestock producers on data collection and help them make management decisions to make their operations successful.  

How are you helping MU A&E Extension reach our #2xAg2030 goal? 

I believe that MU Extension is not going to reach this goal without the help of the agricultural community and farmers. I work with my colleagues to provide educational presentations and events that will equip farmers and the agriculture community with the tools to make their endeavors successful. I also work extensively with cattle producers through MU Extension programs like the Show-Me Select Replacement Heifer Program and the Missouri Steer Feedout which educates them on ways to add and capture more value out of the cattle that they are producing.  

What is something your CAFNR and MU Extension teammates may not know about you? 

I grew up on a livestock and crop farming operation in Lamar, MO. As I grew up through 4-H and FFA, I raised Angus cattle as well as purebred and crossbred hogs. I occasionally showed a heifer at local fairs, but I spent most of those years showing hogs at local, regional and state shows.  

What is your hometown, place of high school graduation and degrees/universities? 

Upon high school graduation I pursued a bachelor’s degree in animal sciences at the University of Missouri. Then I received my master’s degree in animal science at Oklahoma State University where I studied nutritional factors that influence reproduction in beef cattle. I then came back to the University of Missouri for my doctorate in animal sciences where I studied beef cattle feed efficiency and ruminant nutrition.