Q&A With Chloe Collins

Chloe Collins is an MU Extension field specialist in dairy.

Chloe Collins laying in field of grass in front of a fence.

What do you do in your current role with the University of Missouri? 

I’m a Field Specialist in Dairy, which encompasses a lot more than just interacting with dairy producers. I also serve as the secretary of my local soil and water conservation board. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve also taken on roles where I help with local livestock shows, sit on planning committees for different programs and conferences, and even spend some time mentoring others who want to go to school for animal science degrees.

How long have you worked in this position?

January 31st of 2024 marked 6 months!

What is your favorite part about the work you do?

Meeting and working with the people who keep the dairy industry alive. It’s so refreshing to see people who are passionate about the work that they do and their impact on others. I also am grateful to have colleagues who embrace my learning journey and let me tag along on their work as well. The extension community and it’s constituents are second to none.

How are you helping MU A&E Extension reach out #2xAg2030 goal?

To reach that goal, we as supporters and contributors of agriculture must find a way to make more out of what we already have. The way I see that happening is by diversifying or finding “added value” in an operation. For the dairy industry that can look like several things. Some producers are breeding back to beef to take advantage of the prices in the beef market. Another way would be to do your own on farm processing, which is much easier said than done unless you are able to apply for and acquire grant funding. My goal is to provide resources and support to producers making those big decisions.

What is something your CAFNR and MU Extension teammates may not know about you?

One thing that shocks people is that I grew up with a non-agriculture background. I didn’t get involved in the agriculture industry until high school where I started showing dairy cattle with my FFA chapter. It is super humbling to continue learning from experts in the agriculture industry and I hope to be an advocate for those with similar upbringings.

What is your hometown, place of high school graduation, and degrees/universities?

I grew up in China Grove, North Carolina which is about an hour north of Charlotte. I went to West Rowan High School in Mount Ulla, NC and graduated in 2017. I then started my undergraduate degree at the University of Mount Olive in Mount Olive, NC. I completed my freshman through junior year at Mount Olive before transferring to Missouri State University in 2020. I then completed my Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at MSU in 2022. I then went on to pursue my Master of Science in Agriculture at MSU as well, where I focused my studies on cattle reproduction, and graduated this past May.