Northern Missouri Research, Extension and Education Center to host field day

Lee Greenley Jr. Memorial Research Farm to host event, participants to learn about latest in agricultural research and real-world applications

The University of Missouri’s Northern Missouri Research, Extension and Education Center (NM-REEC) invites the public to its annual Field Day on Thursday, Aug. 3, where attendees have the opportunity for an in-person look at research conducted at the REEC.

The event will take place at the Lee Greenley Jr. Memorial Research Farm just outside of Novelty, Missouri, and participants will learn about the latest in agricultural research with real-world applications.

“We are really looking forward to this event,” said NM-REEC Director Jeff Case. “It’s such a great opportunity to share our research with farmers across northern Missouri, and, because all of our research is focused on the needs of the local community, we hope they use what they learn to improve their own farming practices.”

This year’s program consists of three field tours beginning at 8 a.m., complimentary breakfast served at 7 a.m. and lunch starting at noon.

The tours offered include a livestock, crop and pest tour. The crop tour will have presentations on growing short-stature corn, Bio-N products, nitrogen fertilizer stabilizers, and a demonstration on using a mole plow for drainage. The pest tour will demonstrate a large spray drone with spray data, updated information on the weed electrocution and seed crusher technologies, crop diseases and drought, and the latest data on hemp varieties and disease management. Finally, the livestock tour will share presentations on grazing native grasses, ticks in Missouri cattle pastures, and managing through tight forage supplies.

Speakers will include NM-REEC resident faculty, campus faculty and administrators, graduate students and experts from MU Extension. For the full schedule, see the Mizzou calendar.

The NM-REEC is composed of three properties, each focused on research and educational needs of the local community. Lee Greenley Jr. Memorial Research Farm evaluates efficient, profitable crop production in northern Missouri while emphasizing soil conservation, water quality and energy efficiency. Cornett Research Farm emphasizes the development and evaluation of forage/beef systems for all classes of beef cattle. Thompson Research Farm focuses on beef cattle reproduction, genetics and feeding, with an additional small focus on agroforestry and timber management. Visit the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station website to learn more.