Michelle Brooks Receives Outstanding Staff Award at 2019 Celebration of Excellence

Michelle Brooks, greenhouse coordinator in plant sciences, received the Outstanding Staff Award at CAFNR’s 2019 Celebration of Excellence awards ceremony, held Thursday, April 11.

Brooks is responsible for the upkeep and safe operation of approximately 80,000 square feet of greenhouse space at the University of Missouri. She has spent her 20-plus years in CAFNR keeping the structures functioning at a high level through her mechanical and technical knowledge, and attention to detail. She serves as a consultant for the more than 90 faculty and technicians who use the greenhouses for their research and teaching programs.

“Michelle Brooks is a hardworking, reliable and collegial staff member,” said Mary Ann Gowdy, teaching assistant professor in the Division of Plant Sciences. “She is on call 24/7 and strives to keep the facilities functioning at all times. It is normal for Michelle to spend a few hours at work on holidays so others can enjoy the day off. She has graciously provided guidance to student organizations using the greenhouses and assists Tiger Garden students learning to care for their greenhouse.”