Michelle Brimecombe honored with Inclusion Cultivator Award at Celebration of Excellence

Brimecombe is an assistant teaching professor in the School of Natural Resources.

Michelle Brimecombe

Michelle Brimecombe, assistant teaching professor in the School of Natural Resources, received the Inclusive Cultivator Award as part of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) Celebration of Excellence.   

Brimecombe has recently taken on the graduate coordinator position, in addition to her undergraduate teaching duties in SNR. Her expertise lies in the business side of sport management, player development and sport marketing. 

She is an advocate for her students, including many of our Mizzou Tiger athletes, to ensure they are successful both in and out of the classroom. Brimecombe provides the “Inclusive Teaching Tip of the Month” in the SNR Monthly Reader, to remind other instructors of ways to keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront of their classrooms. 

“One of the things I admire most about Dr. Brimecombe is her dedication to creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment. She recognizes that every student comes to class with different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives, and she works tirelessly to ensure that everyone feels seen and heard,” says Bence Polgar, graduate student in the School of Natural Resources. “Overall, I am lucky to have had her as my mentor, and I am confident that her legacy will live on in each of us she touched.” 

“Being a cultivator is a great way to think about Michelle’s contribution to diversity and inclusivity in our School and across MU – she breaks/stirs up the way people think about things and uproots bad practices and behaviors,” said nominator Patrick Market, director of the School of Natural Resources. “Ultimately her cultivating leads to growing good citizens.”