Mauro Palmero named Outstanding Senior Teacher at 2024 Celebration of Excellence

Mauro Palmero is an associate teaching professor in hospitality management.

Portrait of Mauro Palmero in plaid shirt, tie and dark suit.

Mauro Palmero, associate teaching professor in hospitality management, has been awarded the 2024 CAFNR Outstanding Senior Teacher Award as part of the college’s Celebration of Excellence awards ceremony April 16. 

He teaches courses including Guest Service Management, Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry, Management and Promotion Entertainment, and Hospitality Facilities Management. Palmero’s teaching evaluation scores are consistently strong, indicating students relate to his teaching and mentoring processes. He has advised the Mizzou Association of Venue Managers.  

“Dr. Palmero has a passion for hospitality management, observed through his in-class and out-of-the-classroom engagement with students. He also advises an average of 45 students per semester,” said nominator Harvey James, director and professor, Division of Applied Social Sciences. “Students appreciate his willingness to be flexible, understanding, and compassionate. He frequently seeks professional development opportunities to improve his teaching, mentoring, and leadership. He has championed study abroad programs to allow students a global experience in venue management.” 

Students say he is committed to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. His teaching philosophy stems from professional experiences in hospitality and sports management. He encourages students to work in groups as the hospitality industry is very dependent on collaboration. 

Hospitality Management Senior Jared Skyer says Palmero is one of the most influential and understanding professors in the entire University of Missouri system. Not only is Dr. Palmero a highly experienced hospitality professional, Skyer said, “he works hard and spends as much time and effort as it takes to ensure that all students have all the tools needed to be successful both in his class and beyond in our lives.”