Libby Johnson receives Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor Award as part of 2024 Celebration of Excellence  

Johnson is an academic advisor in the School of Natural Resources.

Libby Johnson

Libby Johnson, academic advisor, School of Natural Resources, was named the Outstanding Undergraduate Advisor during the 2024 Celebration of Excellence event, held Tuesday, April 16.   

Johnson is in her third year of advising more than 200 Natural Resource Science and Management students and is known for working to understand her students holistically. She is also an active participant in course reviews for the Natural Resources Science and Management program, working to ensure the program serves students effectively in every course from start to finish.  

“She advocates for students when she discovers a bottleneck or prerequisites that provide unnecessary barriers to progress,” said nominator Jenna Fusinatto, senior student services coordinator. “Her opinion is valued through being invited to faculty meetings to express feedback on the program.” 

“Libby’s enthusiasm in working with students, her work to learn about the degree program, and her interest in working with faculty make her an outstanding advisor, and worthy of this recognition,” said Charles Nilon, William J. Rucker Professor in the School of Natural Resources.  

Johnson works to help her students develop a well-rounded college experience that will prepare them for a successful future. She helps students plan courses, internships, undergraduate research, study abroad and personal development opportunities that will support the career goals they are passionate about.  

“In addition to being a great advisor and leading me toward the path of graduation, she has also become someone I can look up to as a role model,” said Grace Vitek, junior in Natural Resource Science and Management.