Kathy Haynes Honored with Mumford Award for Outstanding Staff as Part of 2023 Celebration of Excellence

Haynes is CAFNR’s chief financial officer.

Headshot of Kathy Haynes. Woman with brown hair wearing a gold shirt with a black blazer

Kathy Haynes, CAFNR’s chief financial officer, has received the 2023 Fredrick B. Mumford Award for Outstanding Staff. The award was given as part of the college’s Celebration of Excellence awards ceremony, held April 11. 

Haynes joined CAFNR nine years ago, and has overseen the areas of business, finance and human resources for the college ever since, with a focus on customer service and patient mentorship of staff, including the six divisional fiscal officers in the college. 

“She is curious and inquisitive and uses these qualities to find efficient processes for and effective resolutions to the myriad of issues the college faces on a day-to-day basis. She leads with honesty, integrity, and empathy, and has helped us all to grow in our roles with understanding and respect,” said nominators.  

“Despite managing the hectic workload of a division fiscal office for a large college, she takes care to put those concerns aside to focus her attention on whomever she is speaking with. She considers questions thoughtfully, and truly listens to what is being asked before responding. She is warm, welcoming, inquisitive and always fun to be around. She shares her historical knowledge of CAFNR and MU openly and has a special talent for explaining HR and fiscal processes so others that do not work in those areas can understand easily. 

“Kathy is honest and transparent and doesn’t find value in withholding knowledge or information. She wants everyone in the college to succeed and will do whatever she can to help them do so.”